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_IGP2283e.jpgA heat exchanger installation in the Subfab where our lab is located. (PCWS/R: Process Chilled Water Supply/Return)
Here a color version:


On the Metro.

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Late night random shot on some local bus route in Tempe.


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_IGP2149-2.jpgA couple pictures taken around Tempe Town Lake, since it was a really nice evening.
The pictures below were taken with my prime lens, an SMC Pentax A 50mm f1.7, since I wanted to to see the water ripples in the reflection.

_IGP2179.jpg _IGP2233.jpg

Colorful Cubes.

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_IGP2094.jpgThe one on top and the bottom right were taken with my prime lens (SMC Pentax A 50mm f1.7). It was pretty windy, and since we're in the desert also dusty.An apartment complex somewhere in Tempe resembling building blocks and with a nice palm tree in front.
With and without light-trail, not sure which one I like better.

_IGP2100.jpg _IGP2101.jpg

Great Books.

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Time for a book-list update.

Richard Brautigan: A Confederate General from Big Sur, Dreaming of Babylon, and the Hawkline Monster Link_out.gif
Dmitry Glukhovsky: Metro 2033 Link_out.gif
Arthur C. Clarke: Against the Fall of the Night Link_out.gif
Frederik Pohl: Gateway Link_out.gif
Arthur C. Clarke: The Fountains of Paradise Link_out.gif

Brautigan's stories are quite brilliant so check them out.


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