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Atlas 001.jpgWho threw him up there?

Metallized Sunset.

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Metal 014.jpgConstruction site around sunset.
Metal 007.jpg

Rain III.

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Rain III 050.jpgAround sunset.
Rain III 046-1.jpg Rain III 035.jpg

Palm tree and more power lines.
Rain III 012.jpg Rain III 017-1.jpg


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Graffiti 006.jpg
With the whole building side painted beforehand.
Graffiti 007.jpg


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TN 002.jpg
Do Not.


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TN 019-2.jpgDeparting Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
TN 004.jpg TN 012.jpg
TN 056.jpg TN 039.jpg

TN 064.jpg TN 068.jpg

May The Fourth Be With You.

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May4th 016.jpgHappy Star Wars Day!
May4th 026.jpg


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