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Corners of the world...

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With the year coming to an end I'd like to show my appreciation for all my visitors. I've made this plot showing website hits per country (domain).

Yo! Peeps on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, what's happening; totally rad of you to swing by!

Everyone, go check out their sweet islands.

And y'all come back in 2010!

All the lights are shining...

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Picture 024-3.jpg
so brightly everywhere...

Merry Christmas to everyone!

The picture shows the xmas tree surrounded by palm trees in downtown Tempe.

And you can find the tree at 33.423231, -111.940960

Black Sphinx

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At the Tempe Farmers Market I saw they had some Arizona Dates.

These Black Sphinx Dates (Phoenix Dactylifera) a distinctive date variety were discovered as a rogue seedling in Phoenix, Arizona in 1928.

The date is plump and tender with a very thin, dark mahogany colored skin. It melts in the mouth leaving behind notes of caramel, vanilla, flowers and honey.

Cool things...

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One of the cool things that have come to Tempe recently is the Farmers Market.

They have a variety of locally grown produce, crusty breads, and Arizona specialities.

Arrived at 5:11 AM

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Line 40, Apache, to Tempe, 5:45 AM


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deicing1.jpgat 3:23AM.

Moving to the runway...departing now at 3:33AM


2:42 AM

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Moving again! Stopped, ffs. I can see the de-icing station from here. And with the time at 2:50 AM the engines need some zzzzz.... It's 3:03 AM local time and we're #5 in line.


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myposition.jpgNow we're just sitting here...


On board...

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So we boarded allright. But now we're in the de-icing line. Position #20 Local time now 2:00 AM - engines started, not moving Just started moving the aircraft. Stopped at the way...2:05 AM It's 2:12 AM and they're powering down the engines.

One more round...

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cont_upd_2.jpgThe new time for supposedly boarding. Then we're in line for getting the plane de-iced.

They brought some soda and snacks from the plane...

Boarding now, really, wow...

What's going on...1,2,3,..

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That's the time when we'll get the next UPDATE.

We'll see how bad this airline really sucks...

Yes, it's Continental Airlines.

So, Continental Airlines is following typical airline policy:

next update @ 12:30 AM

next update @ 12:45 AM

Are you hanging out?

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cause I'm hanging out right here right now.


My plane's supposed to leave at 11:37pm.

Stranded in Texas...

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On my way back to Tempe from Boston I got stranded at Houston George Bush Intercontinental airport.

It's the first time I've flown Continental and flights to Albuquerque, San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas,....are either full or delayed, too.

This sucks!

Well, free wireless access as a holiday gift from Google.

Fall MRS 2009 - Boston, MA

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The Fall MRS 2009 meeting came to an end today and I also gave a talk this morning on 'Phosphorus Doped Diamond Films for Thermionic Electron Emitter Application.'

I mainly attended the Diamond Electronics session and selected talks in the nitride session.

My hotel room in the Westin was on the 35th floor with a nice view.


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