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DC_to_Milwaukee 001-1.jpgLeaving DC I had another chance for some neat shots from the plane. Here the Capitol, National Mall and Smithsonian Castle in the lower left and a shot of the Washington Monument.

DC_to_Milwaukee 005-1.jpg DC_to_Milwaukee 006-1.jpg

A few shots flying into Milwaukee at sunset. And after about 4200 miles back in Phoenix.

DC_to_Milwaukee 040-2.jpg DC_to_Milwaukee 043-2.jpg travel.jpg

DC Metro

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DC2 003-2.jpg
The Metro stations in DC have a clean industrial look.

DC2 008-2.jpg DC2 013-2.jpg

I've taken the picture at Virginia Square station. Awesome Google maps with schedule for transit lines.

Bye Phoenix, hi Atlanta.

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Phoenix-AZ_007-1.jpgI was leaving Phoenix for an arpa-e workshop in DC and on account of my steady hand and the early afternoon sun I could get a real nice picture of downtown Phoenix from the plane.
Unfortunately no direct flight but a short stop in Atlanta, GA.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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greens.jpgDC Skate Shoe | Manteca 3 RGB | Emerald colorway

They were issued 2008, so it's time for a new edition, cos they're sick kicks LOL.

Power Plant.

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Power Plant 013-1.jpgJust another night shot focusing on APS Ocotillo generating station in Tempe

The Power Plant has two steam and two combustion turbine units that are capable of generating about 340 megawatts.

Power Plant 020-2.jpg

Awesome Day.

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Another day in the 80's, sunny and blue skies...and a neat sunset.


Nice Evening.

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Power Plant 038-1.jpg
It was such a nice day today with temperatures in the low 80's and evening temps most suitable to hang out to make some long time exposures. I thought these turned out quite OK, LOL.

Power Plant 047-1.jpg Power Plant 016-1.jpg


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