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Panning 036-2.jpgFirst time trying some panning shots on an intersection, just hand-held motion, no tripod. Note: It works best with white cars LOL.

And some more sunset colors.

Panning 023-1.jpg Panning 020.jpg

Regular Lights.

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Evening 005.jpgThe partial reflection of the orange sodium street light in the tree.
The lively flame in an industrial setting and The empty gas station. Regular focus and Stop and Go.

Evening 039.jpg Evening 037.jpg
Evening 033.jpg Coll_02-1.jpg


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CheapGas 010.jpgSome parking lot lights after sunset and bokeh of a 76 gas station. Regular for 3.55 9/10.

CheapGas 051-1.jpg CheapGas 039.jpg

Halftone Experiments:

CheapGas 039_halftone.jpg CheapGas 033-3_halftone2.jpg

Palm Trees, Firetrucks and Harleys

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Bikes 033.jpgon a nice sunny day while the Northeast is plunged into winter storm Nemo.

Bikes 031-1.jpg Bikes 033-2.jpg


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