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Cranes 045.jpgFor development along Tempe Town Lake. Here's a stitched panorama and another picture through wire mesh shading a parking deck.

Cranes 050-3.jpg

Cranes 061.jpg Cranes 019.jpg

And some colors from the same parking deck.

Cranes 069.jpg Cranes 026.jpg Cranes 031.jpg

Sunny Saturday.

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SunnyJan 078.jpg
SunnyJan 069-1.jpg
Some random pictures taken on ASU Tempe campus.

SunnyJan 092.jpg SunnyJan 109.jpg
SunnyJan 083.jpg SunnyJan 036.jpg
SunnyJan 061.jpg SunnyJan 074.jpg

Canopy casting shadows under a cloudy sky.

SunnyJan 050.jpg SunnyJan 029.jpg
SunnyJan 060.jpg SunnyJan 127.jpg

Sunset Colors.

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EveningTrees 003.jpgAfter a very nice day almost hitting 80's.

EveningTrees 004.jpg EveningTrees 001.jpg

See Through.

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Wednesday 009-2.jpgA couple recent pictures I liked.

Wednesday 071-1.jpg Portals 016-1.jpg


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Portals 029.jpgShadow and portal for visitors.

Portals 013.jpg Portals 033.jpg

Sun Dog.

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ColoredClouds 002.jpgAnd silhouetted trees against a cloudy sky.

ColoredClouds 008.jpg ColoredClouds 007.jpg


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Wednesday 059.jpgis Moonday; some shots with my tele-photo lens.

Wednesday 092.jpg Wednesday 079.jpg

People hiking and running on A-mountain.

Wednesday 028.jpg Wednesday 032.jpg


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Airplanes 001.jpg
On a sunny morning. And later in the day.

Airplanes 020.jpg

Sunny Days.

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Sunny Days 003.jpgin the 70's while the eastcoast is slammed by a winter storm.

On Apache and Mc Clintock and some kids skateboarding at the ASU Tempe Campus station.

Sunny Days 005.jpg Sunny Days 013.jpg

Happy New Year!

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1214_01.jpgTo all my visitors!

The image is a collage of LED displays shot with a macro lens. The dotted number is from the display of a Texas Instruments Ti-30. The numbers on the left part are from a Novus 4510.

Where did my visitors in 2013 come from?


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