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Hydraulic Dinosaur.

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Demolition 026.jpgRawrr, what filthy jaws.

Demolition 021.jpg Demolition 024.jpg


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Yellow 001-1.jpg
Long, long way.

Yellow 006.jpg

Total Lunar Eclipse.

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LunarEclipse 106.jpg
Before the total Eclipse:
LunarEclipse 008.jpg
Clear skies on a mild night so here are some shots of the lunar eclipse from Tempe Beach Park. With the moon high up in the sky it appeared very small.

Moon and Spica.
LunarEclipse 132.jpg

Moon and bright Mars.
LunarEclipse 146.jpg

Moon, Spica and Mars.
LunarEclipse 153.jpg

More info can be found on NASA Eclipse site.

Mid 90's.

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Mid90s 019-1.jpgIsoelectric - Power lines reflected in the water.

Mid90s 022-2.jpg

And some random pictures.

Mid90s 004.jpg Mid90s 015.jpg

Drive Through.

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LitPalmTree 012-3.jpgAnd some more lit palm trees on a less windy night.

LitPalmTree 011-2.jpg LitPalmTree 007.jpg


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