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Merry Christmas!

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Tempe_Xmas_Time 007-3-1.jpgToday is Christmas.
Christmas tree downtown Tempe and some more lights along Mill Avenue.

SkySpace 081.jpg SkySpace 090.jpg


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SkySpace 033.jpgColors and shapes.
SkySpace 030.jpg SkySpace 039.jpg

People watching.
SkySpace 060.jpg SkySpace 063.jpg

Fire Hardened.

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Sunset 003.jpgClay. Around sunset at ASU Tempe campus.

Sunset 004.jpg

Countless Lights.

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Lights 002.jpgfor the holidays.

Lights 016.jpg Lights 025.jpg


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TempeMidDec 022-2.jpgWhat are they? Just a coincidental rainbow above the First Solar HQ.
Colorful sunset around Tempe Town Lake.

TempeMidDec 015.jpg TempeMidDec 009-1.jpg
TempeMidDec 030.jpg TempeMidDec 024.jpg
TempeMidDec 008-1.jpg TempeMidDec 014-1.jpg

Tiled Sky.

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BOS 013-1.jpgand pearled blue at Boston Logan airport.

BOS 019-1.jpg


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