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Twinkies 004.jpgnever had one of these.
Tasted worse than I expected LOL.

Twinkies 008.jpg Twinkies 012.jpg

Though unbelievably, it doesn't contain any trans-fats!
So, that's a good thing, I guess.

Twinkies 005.jpg

Backroad Colors.

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Backroad_02.jpgAt sunset somewhere in Tempe.

Before Sunrise.

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Sunrise 002-1.jpgIntense celestial color-play over Tempe.

Beautiful Day.

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Tempe 016.jpgon campus and temperatures in the 70's make everyone happy LOL.
In the picture Palm Walk on ASU's Tempe campus.

Desert Buildings.

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Tempe 004-1.jpgSouthwestern architecture somewhere in Tempe. Nicely completed by sandy hues.

Here a larger version.

Did someone say winter?

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weather_03.jpgWhat an awesome New Year! Every day in the 70's or even low 80's in the valley.


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