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Three Planets.

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ThreePlanets 021.jpg
It's memorial day weekend so some time for pictures.
A nice cellestial constellation of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. It was a little cloudy this evening but the planetary triangle shone nicely over Phoenix. Another view from the Terminal 4 Parking Deck at Sky Harbor. And the moonrise to the east.

ThreePlanets 037.jpg ThreePlanets 087.jpg
ThreePlanets 074.jpg ThreePlanets 040.jpg
A couple exposures stacked to get the flight-trail of a departing plane. And the intense orangeness of the sodium lights on the parking deck ramps.

Two more shots from the parking deck with a 28mm lens. In the last picture the constellation over Phoenix shot with my tele-photo lens.

ThreePlanets 041.jpg ThreePlanets 048.jpg ThreePlanets 029.jpg

Glass and Steel.

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ISTB 012.jpgConcrete and rocks.

ISTB 022.jpg ISTB 026.jpg


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Construction 037_1b.jpgOn an overcast day.

Construction 027.jpg Construction 047.jpg

Lens Flare.

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Planets 002.jpgSome more test shots with my Celestron C90 MAK telescope. A few views of Sky Harbor Int'l airport. To the left an image showing a section of the newly completed Sky Train. The lens flare from the scope is quite unique LOL.

Planets 004.jpg


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Planets 035.jpg Jupiter and the Moon over Phoenix.
I also tried using a small telescope, a Celestron C90 MAK, and a Vivitar 2X7P teleconverter. This was the first try using this setup with the camera body (Pentax K-5) directly attached (via T-ring) to the back of the telescope.
The cool stuff:
Jupiter with its moons Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Then Saturn whith its neat rings and the Moon.

Planets 027.jpg Planets 022.jpg
Planets 009.jpg Planets 041.jpg

Since I didn't use a telescope tracker and the telescope has a focal ratio of 14 I took the pictures with higher ISO (800-1600). Considering the light pollution from the city the results are actually worthwhile. As telescope mount I used a compact tripod, a Dolica 57" Reversible Traveler Edition Tripod Bundle TX570B104, from Costco and it did the job well although focusing requires a real steady hand.


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SC2013 007.jpgand a picturesque sunset. It was Spring Commencement at ASU.

SC2013 013.jpg SC2013 030.jpg
SC2013 011.jpg


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Cloudy 017.jpgAll these clouds.

Cloudy 018.jpg Cloudy 010.jpg

Sky Train.

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May Fourth 044.jpgJust recently finished, the Sky Train connects the Metro Light Rail station and garages to the airport terminals. It's all new and shiny. The last picture shows the pattern of the window.

May Fourth 023.jpg May Fourth 039.jpg
May Fourth 034.jpg May Fourth 016.jpg

May the Fourth

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May Fourth 071.jpgBe With You.

R2D2 on Mill Ave / 3rd Street.
And another one with the train, but the tree is somewhat in the way...

May Fourth 072.jpg

OMG...I can't believe I actually did this...LOL


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