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Lens Flare

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_IGP0308.jpgalong the way.
I also like the clean looks of this one.


ISS Flyby

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ISS_3_IGP0261.jpgover Tempe tonight. I nearly missed it that's why I only got a 30 second exposure.

For flyby dates, times and brightness check out Spaceweather.com

Delicious Bread

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P4273165-1.jpgis delicious.
Time for more bread with my sourdough starter.
4 cups King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour
2 cups King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour
1 tbsp caraway seeds, fennel, anise
½ tbsp coriander
2 tbsp salt
Sourdough starter to make a nice smooth dough.
Leaven for about 1 hour and bake for about 1 hour.
Very yummy result!

Awesome Day.

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_IGP0174.jpgand cool buildings on ASU Tempe campus.
A few more pictures here...

More clouds

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clouds4.jpgI never posted these cloud pics from my recent flight to DC. This was from the evening flight DC to Milwaukee, flying into sunset.

Since we're having a 70% chance of precipitation tomorrow this is highly appropriate LOL.

clouds2.jpg clouds3.jpg clouds1.jpg


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_IGP0147_1.jpgsky over ASU Research Park.

Chilled not

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_IGP0113.jpgthis city is. Another day in the 100's.
Just some pictures from around noon before it's getting too hot.
_IGP0118.jpg _IGP0123.jpg

Spring's over!

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triple_digits_04.pngFirst triple digits day of the year.


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somewhere downtown Tempe.

Fire and Light.

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_IGP0021.jpgat the Tempe Center for the Arts on a nice but windy evening before some rainstorms are suppoed to move in from LA (and I thought it never rains in southern California.)
_IGP0034.jpg _IGP0067.jpg

A million colored LED's at the light rail bridge.

Yo, Peeps!

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Peeps_01.jpgHappy Easter.

Check out the Peeps factory tour in this New York Times article.


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