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in the jelly? LOL

2150 miles

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animation_01.jpgfrom New York to Phoenix.

I made some screenshots from the on board live maps during flight and also tried to get some shots from cities below.

Flight time is about 5 hours.


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divergence...JFK airport


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in New York JFK. The JetBlue terminal is quite nice, if you like blue, haha.

But there's even a MUJI store here and a jet engine with rotating fan, so  how much cooler can it get? LOL

We're not in Kansas anymore...

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Missouri_01.jpgbut somewhere over Missouri and about halfway to Boston.

It still looks kind of green down there. The average temperature for November is low 50's.

Wichita, KS

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Another MRS conference in Boston, MA.
The flight with JetBlue was quite nice and was routed pretty much directly from Phoenix, AZ to Boston, MA.

Here's a picture of Wichita, KS.


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