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Sunny 007.jpg
Around the light rail station.
Sunny 011.jpg  Sunny 012.jpg

Fixing the cable.
Cable 007.jpg


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Friday 017.jpgSpotlight.
Friday 021.jpg


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Flammable 007.jpgPlane and Moon.
Flammable 013.jpg

Form and Face.

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Shutterfly 014.jpgIndustrial forms.
Shutterfly 011.jpg Shutterfly 004bw.jpg

Transfixed networking.
Shutterfly 017.jpg

Abstraction of Spring.

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Spring 094-1.jpgSpring at 480 Volts.
Spring 040.jpg Spring 043.jpg
Spring 044.jpg  Spring 048.jpg

First day of spring.
Spring 078.jpg Spring 079.jpg


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Abstract 005.jpgSodium light reflection and Police Interception.
Abstract 006.jpg Abstract 011.jpg

After the rain.

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Aftertherain 007.jpgAround sunset.
Aftertherain 026.jpg Aftertherain 041.jpg

Martian shadow.
Aftertherain 035.jpg


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Rain 014.jpgReflections and ten colored suns.
Tuesday100mm 022.jpg

Power and Rims.

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Friday 028.jpgBob's Tire Corral.
Friday 014.jpg


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85F 020.jpgOn a warm spring day.
85F 010.jpg

Three dogs.

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Experimental 167.jpg
And a biker.
Experimental 161.jpg


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Experimental 022.jpg Using a dichroic prism.
Experimental 004.jpg
Experimental 007.jpg
Experimental 016.jpg
Mill Avenue
More psychedelic colors.
Experimental 048.jpg
Experimental 053.jpg Experimental 062.jpg
Experimental 064.jpg Experimental 075.jpg
Experimental 079.jpg Experimental 090.jpg


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Balloon 038-1.jpgOn a cloudless evening.
Balloon 048.jpg Balloon 059.jpg

Balloon 018.jpg Balloon 072.jpg


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