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Tempe Empty Bowls.

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Tempe Empty Bowls 003.jpg
Today was the first of two days where Tempe Empty Bowls were presenting all kinds of bowls for donations to help out in our community.

Check them out at tempeemptybowls.org.

Tempe Empty Bowls 010.jpg

Night shots.

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IST_02-1.jpgSome long exposure shots from the buildings next door.

IST_03-2.jpg BT_01.jpg

From Alaska.

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2500 miles from Palmer, AK to Tempe, AZ to get my hands on this, Alaska Birch Syrup. It's made in Palmer by Kahiltna Birchworks in a process similar to maple syrup production.

However, it has a very different taste, more robust and spicy, rich caramel flavor with hints of coffee, wooden and herbal accents and a deep dark golden - brown color. Delicious!

Google has Street View for Palmer, so check it out, cos Palmer Rulz!

Palmer_Rulz_1.jpg Palmer_Towers_by_sbloom.jpg

Happy Birthday, Arizona!

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AZ100_ani_01.gifToday is Arizona's Centennial, commemorating 100 years of statehood. More...


 North_02.jpg    West_02.jpg


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reduced to its very core. One of the coolest buildings on ASU's Tempe campus.


Parking Deck.

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ParkingDeck_North_01.jpgJust a shot from a parking deck (33.423618,-111.943125) looking north.
Here's a larger version.

Everything is centered...

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Superbowl 040.jpg
around the Super Bowl today, but Tempe weather sure beats whatever they're having in Indianapolis, LOL.



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