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500 mph.

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Hola 024-1.jpgPictures during the flight to Madrid. And an overexposure before departure from Phoenix Sky Harbor.

Hola 033-3.jpg Hola 004-1.jpg

Stainless Fall.

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Fall 022.jpgWho left the bolts outside?

Fall 013.jpg


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Lake 006-1.jpgAfter all the rain on Discovery Business Campus.


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Rain 010-3.jpgBefore sunset a nice intense rainbow.

Puerta del Sol otra vez.

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Gran Via 004.jpgA close up of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree and Plaza del Callao.

Gran Via 005.jpg Gran Via 010.jpg

More pictures here.

Puerta del Sol.

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Sol 046.jpgSo many people.
The Bear and Strawberry Tree, Madrid's Coat of arms, on the left. And more impressions.

Sol 064.jpg Sol 070.jpg Sol 091.jpg

Museo del Jamón.

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Jamon 004-2.jpgLos Museos más sabrosos de Madrid. (The tastiest Madrid Museums.)

Jamon 001-2.jpg Jamon 005-2.jpg

This yumminess can be found here, and there are several across the city.

¡Hola, Madrid!

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Hola 040.jpgColors and numbers; how cool. More pictures of Madrid.

Hola 041.jpg Hola 043.jpg Hola 044.jpg

Blurr Zone B.

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PHX-MIA 007.jpgTaken at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport; Camelback Mountain in the back.

Tree-shirt, long sleeve.

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TreeSleeve 002-1.jpgSomewhere in Tempe.

Late Lights.

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Late Lights 010.jpgConstruction everywhere.
Keep Left - Keep Right - Keep Left - Keep Right... Endlessly Centered.

Late Lights 022.jpg


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