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Happy Halloween

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...the smile of the Reaper taking his fee
all cut and glimmer on the Halloween Tree...
(Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree)

Three Dimensions

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So I tried to make an anaglyph image of our Nano Science Labt at ASU's main campus in Tempe. Keeping the cam leveled and shifting it about 3 inches vertically gave pretty good results.
You just need a pair of red/cyan glasses red_cyan.png. For some decent quality glasses check out the Proview products which you can find here.

In the image you can see our ultra-high vacuum transfer line, 70 ft long, used to move samples in vacuum between different characterization and processing chambers. A little cart on a wire, like a San Francisco cable car, moves along rails within the 6 inch main tube. In the lower left you can see the black crank for moving the cart.

Starry night...

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Picture 008-3.png
A while back I tried to take a picture of the sky with my point and shoot cam (Canon Powershot SX100 IS) using 15 seconds exposure time.
It turned out quite all right considering all the city lights. I even got lucky and captured a shooting star.

I tried to align the picture with a constellation chart you can plot online.

The picture was taken at  Tempe Beach Park (33.432756,-111.953519), here.



Off center to the right the Tempe Center for the Arts (with the prominent dark roof). A-mountain to the right with white Hayden Mill in front. US Airways Corporate Headquarters to the right.

Cool update...

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Wow,it's been nearly two months since I last posted here. So, today Air Products came by to refill the liquid nitrogen tank. The truck with its equipment is rather cool that's why the pictures, haha.


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