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13 Degrees.

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Architecture 006.jpgOf sunset colors.

Architecture 053.jpg Architecture 047.jpg
Architecture 044.jpg Architecture 015.jpg

Very Glassy.

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Glassy 010.jpgAround the new College Avenue Commons.

The Breeze.

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PanningII 023-2.jpgWell now they call him the breeze
He keeps blowin' down the road...

(Lynyrd Skynyrd-Call Me The Breeze)

Wrath of Thor.

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NoSupermoon 00A.jpgBecause no Supermoon.

NoSupermoon 002.jpg


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Friday 047-2.jpg
Cactus catching the last rays of the day. Metallic shadows.
Friday 065-2.jpg Friday 028-1.jpg
and more cranes at sunset.

Friday 025-2.jpg Friday 073-2.jpg

Glass blocks backlit by the setting sun.
Friday 001-2.jpg Friday 010-2.jpg


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