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Nice Day.

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in Boston at the MRS Fall meeting. And I have a nice view from my hotel at the Westin.


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to Boston for another MRS meeting. Empty gangways and deserted gates at Phoenix Sky Harbor. But I do hope they'll serve frosted animal crackers on the Jet-Blue flight.

Holy Bananas.

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Street Art 001.jpgBatman.

Another beautiful day in Tempe with temperatures in the low 70's and completely ignoring Black Friday, LOL.

But I sort of like the Batman on the wall which seems recent since it doesn't show up on Google maps.

Awesome Steam.

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Arizona will celebrate its statehood 2012 and as kick-off Union Pacific is using its historic steam locomotive. It's traveling through the Southwest including New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and California with several stops along the way one of it in Tempe.

Check out some more pictures of this fire breathing giant in my gallery here. You can learn more about the 844 steam locomotive, which was delivered in 1944, on the Union Pacific site.


Welcome to FIJI

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Fiji_004.jpgwell, it's not really Fiji, of course, but found here: (33.426833,-111.934392)

And the ones responsible are found here. I thought it was cool to put this up the A-mountain and it supposedly is a tradition at ASU.

ISS again

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ISS Flyby MTW 002.pngthis evening the International Space Station was zooming over Tempe again (the vertical line in the picture) and I took a series of images from out in the boonies (33.345709,-111.900875) sort of, LOL. There was some cloud coverage but it still was pretty cool to watch. You can check flyby events at and more detailed on NASA.


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