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Greenness 031.jpgIt was very windy.


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Painting 005.jpgOn College Ave in front of a new ASU building.

Painting 002.jpg Painting 003.jpg


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SpringBreak2 020.jpgSome shots taken with my Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC lens.

SpringBreak2 016.jpg

And some more shadows.

SpringBreak2 004.jpg SpringBreak2 007.jpg

Sunset Colors.

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SpringBreak 010.jpgA couple pictures taken early evening around ASU campus.

SpringBreak 021.jpg SpringBreak 008.jpg
SpringBreak 034-1.jpg SpringBreak 049-1.jpg

Chevy 3100

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Friday 010.jpgand two more pictures taken around ASU campus.

Friday 002.jpg Friday 003.jpg

Shadows and Silhouettes.

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Shadows 031-1.jpgDuring a nice sunset somewhere on Mc Clintock Dr.

Shadows 034.jpg


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PalmTrees 009.jpgSomewhere on Elliot Rd.

A bolder version and the construction site from earlier at night.

PalmTrees 011-3.jpg PalmTrees 006.jpg


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